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Welcome to the website of Claartje van Haaften, Conservator of Modern and Contemporary Art. A list of services and of past projects is provided, as well as references and lists of publications and presentations.

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Conservation Treatment • Collection Care


Specialist conservation treatment of a very broad range of modern and contemporary sculpture, paintings, objects and art installations is offered. Examination and treatment take place either on site, or in a well equiped conservation studio. A condition assessment is followed by an agreement with the client or owner on any minor or major intervention. An understanding of the causes of damage and how to prevent damage is fundamental. Expertise in painted objects, large formats, installations, plastics, plaster, organic materials, mixed materials and modern paint.

Transportation • Handling • Safety


Expert advice is offered on conditions, security and stabilising treatments before artworks are handled, packed and safely transported for exhibition or storage. Overseeing complex sculptures and installations as well as paintings in public spaces including the installation and care of exhibitions.

Lecturing • Courses • Research • Artist Interviews


Claartje van Haaften was study-coordinator for Post-graduate students of modern art conservation in Maastricht (The Netherlands) 2010-2012 and has given courses and workshops on modern art conservation at the University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Helsinki, and the Heritage Conservation Center in Singapore, as well as in Germany (Berlin, Dresden). She presents on contemporary art conservation subjects with case-studies from her own practice at international symposia.

Selected Projects

Rudolf Stingel

Detail of an oil painting



Operation Panamarenko


Mike Kelley

conservation and care of display