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Welcome to the website of Claartje van Haaften, Conservator of Modern and Contemporary Art. A list of services and of past projects is provided, as well as references and lists of publications and presentations.

Please contact me at:
+49 (0)177 7797333


Conservation Treatment • Collection Care


Specialist conservation treatment of modern and contemporary sculpture, paintings, objects and art installations • condition assesment, risk assessment and preventive conservation • minor treatment as well as major restoration projects • on-site or in a well equiped conservation studio • painted objects, large formats, installations, plastics, plaster, organic materials, mixed materials and modern painting

Transportation • Handling • Safety


Art conservation services before handling, packing and transport during a loan • courier tasks, care of exhibitions and overseeing installation of vulnerable works of art • condition reports

Lecturing • Courses • Research • Artist Interviews


Practical workshops, lecturing and teaching in the specialist field of conservation, restoration and collection care • research related to conservation ethics, modern materials, questions regarding documentation and exhibition of contemporary art • projects with artists • artist's interviews

Selected Projects


Operation Panamarenko

Ein Diarahmen geöffnet

Diakonservierung / Slide Conservation

Conservation project at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (Germany), 2015-2018


Rebecca Horn

Conservation and re-installation of a kinetic art installation