Christine Rusche

Conservation treatment of large scale painting on Alu-Dibond

This work of art by Christine Rusche is composed of two large-sized panels Alu-Dibond. At the front, which is smooth and white, a matte, black paint layer is applied while parts were covered and thereby remained untreated, resulting in an abstract geometric composition in black and white. Chalkboard lacquer was poured on the Alu-Dibond then smoothed with a large scraper and left to dry. As a result of this technique drips are clearly discernible in the overall plane, smooth paint surface. The panels are shown in upright position leaning against a wall.
Although both panels are in excellent condition, with a well adhered paint layer without noticeable problems like scratches or craquelures, they came back damaged after a loan. The work was inspected at the artist's studio and it was established that insect excrements disfigured the surface, which closely resembled cracks, but weren't. They could succesfully be removed with conservation materials and techniques fitting the artist's techniques and vulnerable matte paint surface.

Photo: Christine Rusche, Berlin (2017)